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Our Organization

The St. Louis German American Police Society is a social club that focuses on the celebration of German heritage among law enforcement officials, family, and friends. The association has no affiliation or ties to any political organization. Its aims are to promote a positive view of law enforcement and strengthen the foundation of German history throughout St. Louis.

About Us:

The St. Louis German American Police Society was established in 2013, and is a fraternal and social organization comprised of law enforcement officers throughout the St. Louis region with an interest in celebrating German Heritage.

The St. Louis GAPS currently meets once a month, and is seeking new members comprising of active and retired law enforcement officers from the St. Louis area and abroad. Associate membership is also available to non-law enforcement officers.

The St. Louis GAPS aims to be an organization that holds social functions for its members and families, along with promoting charitable activities that would benefit German-American entities in the St. Louis area.


Our members pay a membership due of $50, paid annually. These dues fund our organization and allow GAPS to hold of number of events throughout the year. Each dues paying member receives a GAPS t-shirt upon registrations. They are also entitled to free beverages at each meeting, entry into the Alexander J. Klein Scholarship, the opportunity to travel to Police Week in Washington D.C., and so much more.